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  • The event followed an amber ethics rout approach regarding the methodology behind the event. The event involved no risk of physical, emotional, social, or cognitive harm to participants who took part in the event. The event was organized around the theme of community and as such was focused around creating a sense of comfort and friendliness. Feedback was taken from the participants after the event regarding how they felt after participating. As quoted by one of the participants ‘’this event created a safe space for me to meet new people during the event and even after the event finished’’.



  • The participants in the event were recruited conveniently from the college institute of art, design, and technology (IADT).  The participants were asked verbally if they wished to take part in the event and that they were free to withdraw at any time. The participants were briefed regarding the event and were told by the researchers what was expected of them to do during the event.



  • The participants were not a vulnerable population and as such fall under an amber route. All data that was gathered from the participants was held in a manner that is compliant with GDPR.  Photos were taken during the event of the participants. Consent was asked from the participants if they felt comfortable being photographed, and if the photos could be shared on the website of the event. At all times the study was conducted in adherence to the ethical policies of the Psychology Society of Ireland and the British Psychology Society.                                                             

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